Auto-Vault – About US

The majority of car owners prefer insurance companies which offer quality insurance policies along with discounts. If you are a car owner, residing in the Houston, Texas region, you will surely appreciate our services at auto-vault. Auto-vault entered the insurance arena only ten years ago. Already, we have received high ratings from our esteemed customers.

The love and appreciation of our bonafide customers have helped us to expand very quickly. At the present day, we have more than fifteen offices and several agents spread all over the Houston, Texas region. We offer the convenience of online filing of claims for quick settlement and an excellent customer service to assist the customers with their queries. At auto-vault, you have multiple opportunities for discounts when you choose a bundled package and additionally, get access to anti-theft devices. Such services are generally not offered by the other auto insurance providers. At auto-vault, we take pride to settle claims quickly and to help car owners in every possible way.